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Attendance Office


Punctuality and regular attendance are fundamental to good learning and good citizenship. Every absence results in an instructional loss to students and a financial loss to your school district. Students are held accountable for all assignments and lessons given during an absence.

Parents or Guardians are asked to call Hosler Middle School at the 24-hour attendance line the morning of a student’s absence. This will eliminate the need for a note and a readmit slip to class. Otherwise, when the student returns to school after an absence, he/she will need to report to the attendance office to clear his/her absence. He/she must have a note written and signed by the parent or guardian stating thedate, your relationship to student, and reason for the absence from school.

If a student is late to school, a note of verification from the parent or guardian must be given. Uncleared absences becometruancies.

24-HOUR ATTENDANCE LINE: 310.886.8907


• Call the attendance line the day your child is absent.
• Follow-up with your child’s teachers if he/she does not bring home make-up work.
• Check your child’s planner to make sure your child has a Study Buddy (friend) to answer questions by phone if they don’t   understand an assignment.


• Remind your parent to call Hosler Middle School the day you are absent.
• Pick up your missing work from your teachers.
• Call your Study Buddy (friend) if you need more help at home.


• Excused: Illness, medical or dental appointments, death in the immediate family, quarantine or immunization exclusion, religious observation.

• Unexcused: Vacation trips, shopping, working, transportation breakdown, family celebrations, missing the bus, truancy, suspension, or needed at home.


• Make-up work: 1-2 day’s absence: Upon return students must contact teacher for work.

For further information please contact Ms. Terraine Lenoir at(310) 886-8907.