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Be Safe  *  Be Responsible  *  Be Respectful                                               HOME OF THE LIONS!!!!                                                Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.  -Malcolm X
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Welcome Back Hosler families to the 2019-2020 school year. Let me begin by saying how privileged I feel to be serving the community of Lynwood as the Principal of Hosler Middle School, home of the lions!  I am eager to begin the awesome work of building strong relationships with our students, parents, and staff to ensure that we provide a safe, conducive learning environment for all students.
For over 20 years, I have dedicated my life to the field of education because I believe that a quality education can change the trajectory of a student’s life. I firmly believe that if provided the opportunity and the appropriate support, all students can learn and reach their full potential! My passion is fueled by my own personal experiences as a first generation college student, and that of many students who demonstrated to me through the years that all they needed was an opportunity and someone to believe in them.
Hosler Middle School is committed to providing our students with instruction, programs, and activities that will help prepare them for the rigor of high school and beyond.  We also understand that in order for our students to be academically successful, their social-emotional needs must be meet as well.
Hosler will focus on developing innovative thinkers who can effectively communicate, collaborate and problem solve. Our dedicated staff meets regularly throughout the year to collaborate on instruction and programming to better meet the needs of all students.  
Using a holistic approach, Hosler Middle School is committed to helping develop and guide all our students to make good decisions and choices that will have a positive impact on their educational careers as well as their future.  We will encourage our students to practice our school’s core values: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe as a way to develop people of good character: who can inspire and lead.
The middle school years are a critical and transitional time for students.  Today’s students are often faced with a multitude of challenges that often extend beyond the reach of school, but can have immediate impact on our student’s educational achievement. This is why communication and collaboration between our parents, staff and students is key! If there should ever be a concern please do not hesitate to reach out to our teachers, staff or administration. Together we can begin to find solutions that can ensure our students social-emotional needs are meet and they stay on track towards meeting their educational goals.
Please refer to the Hosler Middle School website to learn more about how our parents can be a part of our school committees and activities. Your voice matters!
Celinna Pinelo
Principal, Hosler Middle School

Our Mission

The mission of Fred W. Hosler Middle School is to provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning. All students will be motivated to participate in the Standard Based learning process, which will prepare them to work collaboratively in a safe environment. This will allow for growth in a culturally diverse and technologically advanced global market. It is our ultimate goal to provide ‘A learning community preparing students for the University and Workplace.’

About Us

HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL is committed to providing an environment that will enhance the minds, lives and values of our students through an established innovative holistic program that enables students to achieve at higher level of academic, social and leadership skills.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL staff is committed to ensuring a physically and psychologically safe environment for its learning community, by working closely with students, parents, community members and law enforcement agencies.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL courses, activities and programs are created to meet the academic and social needs of students. Instruction focuses on providing skills that will teach students to access and use information. Teachers recognize that serving the diversity of individual needs requires student-centered innovative teaching that enhances students’ learning experiences, collaboration among staff, flexibility, and cooperative learning experiences for student and teachers.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL believes that for a student to grow in their personal and academic lives the HMS staff must be committed to serving in a variety of ways, including teaching, counseling, club advisors, coaching and other extra/co-curricular activities.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL teachers, administrators and staff work closely with parents and students to evaluate a student’s quality of work. Staff members at HMS are committed to creating partnerships with parents as well as maintaining open channels of communication with community members, community agencies and businesses. At HMS we believe that parent involvement is important when defining, implementing and evaluating curriculum and student learning.

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